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Thanks for visiting! We are the original importers of the Predator Eyes bird deterrent product for just over 25 years. You have seen us on TV, Radio, Magazines, and at Farm Shows for almost three decades. Our product is often imitated and duplicated by others. Don't be fooled by imitators and their inferior products. In these times of economic insecurity, you need a pest bird deterrent that's affordable, effective and guaranteed!bird deterrent 30 day guarantee We have a 30 Day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Whether your trying to keep birds out of your machine shed, get the seagulls away from defecating on your boat, keeping crows out of your orchard and garden, keeping sparrow droppings out of your livestock areas or woodpeckers away from your cabin, get rid of all your pest birds with the Country's most popular, eco-friendly and affordable pest bird deterrent today! The information that is detailed on our website should be adequate to acquaint you with the Predator Eyes and answer the majority of the questions that people ask.

The purpose of this introduction is to provide you with additional background about the Predator Eyes product. Not in an effort to convince you to purchase Predator Eyes but to offer additional information as our bird deterrent is such a unique and amazing invention. If you still have questions after reviewing our information on the website, please e-mail us via the 'Contact Us' page. Thank you!


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